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Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy 

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the eye of a horse

Horses are Mirrors

Horses can be a powerful catalyst on the road to your healing and growth.  You don't have to be horse enthusiast to benefit from the soulful interactions with these masterful beings. Horses are powerful mirrors for us. Horses often pinpoint things that are going on that it may take months for the human therapist to discover.


If your trust in other people has been broken and abused, horses can provide safety in relationship until you can develop the confidence to trust your human therapist. Horses can teach us to get the messages behind our emotions, learn about healthy boundaries or help to reveal our behavioral patterns in ways that don't feel judgmental or threatening.


Sometimes the experience of trauma goes beyond words.  The gentle presence of the horse has the power to bridge the experience and provide a place of healing, helping us to make sense of the powerful scenes that trauma leaves behind.  This, combined with other trauma release techniques can help you move from surviving to thriving. 



Horses can provide incredible comfort in times of grief or loss. Your human therapist is there to hold the space for healing to occur in the presence of the horses, and to help you integrate experiences with the horses into your general life and relationships. Equine Facilitated sessions are often used in conjunction with other therapeutic approaches.


Horses help in many areas.  They help you to find new insights in relationships, with adolescents that may seem troubled, and in family issues.  Horses can help us in our personal and spiritual growth, and in dealing with pain or end-of-life issues. Horses can be a way to find a momentary respite from difficulty, allowing you to taste a bit of happiness or joy.

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