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Our Approach

"When I am in that dark abyss, I want someone comforting, yet skilled. 

I want someone to listen and to “get” me, but I don’t want them to

disempower me in the process.  I don’t want someone who thinks

they are better than me because they “have a degree”.  I want someone

that I can collaborate with to get new ways of looking at things,

or that I can trust when they are guiding me to look at deeper issues

within myself.  I don’t want to be diagnosed; I want someone to see that

hidden spark that I am and to help me reignite that flame.  And it would

be helpful if they had a sense of humor, a creative way of

working with me and fur." - Mr. Jake the Great White Horse

As a trained family therapist, I often see the world

through a family systems viewing lens. This means

that I am often looking at attachments to

families of origin, how family histories

may be affecting today's struggles,

and how we can recreate an authentic relationship

with ourselves and within our family systems. 

Please Reach out Below or schedule a free

30 minute consult to learn more...

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